We'd love you to join us on a Sunday

You are welcome to visit Dubbo Presbyterian Church on any Sunday!

It may be that you've never been to church before and are looking to connect with God or have some questions answered or meet other people. It may be that you have moved to Dubbo and are looking for a church to join. It may be that you're visiting or on holiday. Whatever the case, you are most welcome to join us at any of our Sunday Church Services.

The first thing to do is  decide is which of our church meetings you'd like to come along to.

Maquarie Anglican Grammar School
(West Dubbo)

We call this 'Church@10' and we meet at 10am.
Church@10 has a children's program (Sunday School) for K-6.

There is a parents' room with audio from the church meeting.

Park in the MAGS carpark. It's a 20m walk to the school Hall where we meet.

Starting in 2022, this is our newest and fastest-growing church. It is a great place to meet new people and very handy if you live in West Dubbo.

61 Douglas Mawson Drive
(East Dubbo)

We have 3 separate church services in East Dubbo. 


8.30am(trial for 6 months) with children's program Preschool to Year 6.


10.30am(trial for 6 months) with children's program Preschool to Year 6.


6pm (with no children's program)

There is a parents' room with audio and video from the church meeting.

You will also find Playtime here, 10am Tuesdays

What to expect

When you arrive at the front door there will be an usher to say hello and show you where to go.

A church is set out a bit like a movie theatre with someone out the front. You can choose where to sit. We sing, pray, hear from the Bible, sometimes there's an interview with someone.

When should I arrive?

We aim to start right on time. So arriving 10 minutes early is a good idea to help you find a place to sit. Like if you are going to the movies or a football game. It's best not to miss the start!

Let us know you're coming

If you have any questions pop them in the space below and we'll do our best to make your first visit as good as it can be!

I'd like to come along to church