Intro to Jesus

Have you ever stopped to ask the big questions in life?

Why am I here? Is there more to life? Is there a God?

Everyone has a different journey.

But wherever you’re at, you're welcome to explore your questions with us.

At DPC we want people to be wrestling with those big questions about life.

We'd love to help you find some answers!

Intro to Jesus is a 9-part series all about Jesus and what he's got to do with our lives today.

Over 100 people from Dubbo have done our series over the past 3 years.

We usually have 5 or 10 people attending.

It's a great place to be safe to ask any questions you may have.
You can sign up below. We will let you know when the next course is starting and you'll be able to join with others and investigate the claims of Jesus.