God at work within and through us

God is doing great things across DPC.

In the Serve area, we have so many of our church members serving in many and varied ways.

Each team has a big picture vision of why they do what they do.  Our serve teams are working together in their shared focus of growing followers of Jesus.

We are finding that within the serve teams themselves, there is often so much encouragement between team members.  Team members are looking out for each other in wonderful ways.  

The Serve Team is in the process of developing and rolling out new structures that help support the team leaders of teams, and in turn the teams themselves.  Some of this includes providing coaching for team leaders and providing annual reviews to better support team leaders.  We’ll also be looking to develop emerging leaders in their leadership potential.  

It is such an encouragement to see DPC growing and supporting each other with the gifts that God has provided.

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