How’d we go at reaching Dubbo in 2023?

2023 was an exciting year which saw all of church banding together to reach Dubbo with the gospel.
It all kicked off in January with our Summer Sessions. We had a great range of different events including: knot tying; slacklining; kite making; gluten free baking; a virtual reality experience; embroidery; knife and axe sharpening, plus heaps more. Overall we had 190 guests come along, which was great!
For Easter, we had a couple of smaller meetings in our church building on Good Friday, and then a big combined meeting at MAGS on Easter Sunday. It was great to invite Dubbo to join us as we celebrated the victory of the cross and the joy of the empty tomb.
In the Winter holidays, we again held our Winter Workshops, which culminated in Mike Raiter visiting for a series of talks:
  • Have you ever wondered… does religion cause violence?
  • Have you ever wondered… why would a loving God send people to hell?
  • Have you ever wondered… where can I find contentment?
  • Have you ever wondered… can I trust the Bible?
We had another 55 guests join us during the winter.
All of this was leading to inviting people to consider Jesus more seriously at our Intro to Jesus series. We ran Intro to Jesus in Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4, both in-person and online. All up we had 22 people do Intro to Jesus and 9 became Christians in 2023. Praise God!!
As well as that, we had an NTE mission team visit in early December. The highlight of their visit was a young person at MOB becoming a Christian! So good!! You can read more about the NTE visit here.
The year of reaching Dubbo with the gospel ended with a bang as we hosted Carols at MAGS (with about 900 people coming along) and our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meetings.
Thank you so much for your partnership in reaching Dubbo with the gospel to see the lost saved and the Lord Jesus Christ glorified! Please pray for an even more exciting year in 2024.
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