Congregational Overseers

At DPC we have the clear vision of growing followers of Christ Jesus. For this reason, the Session has been praying and thinking about what leadership structures DPC should have to best promote and accommodate Gospel growth now and in the future.  

This paper summarises what we are calling Congregational Overseers within each of our church congregations.  You may be thinking ‘this sounds just like what we used to call a ‘CLT’ or church leadership team.’  In many ways it is. We feel the new name that includes the biblical term ‘overseer’ better describes the role.  Please pray for our new Congregational Overseers.

If you have any questions free to talk to any of our Elders.

The DPC session

Ian Bailey (Session Clerk), Greg Bennett, Peter Commins, Owen Knight, Paul Mckay, David Ferres, Wayne Connor, Allan Blanch.