NTE mission update

We have a team of university students with us from December 6-10. They are doing a lot of community based events to help introduce people to Jesus. Here are the highlights. If you'd like to tag along to anything feel free.

Thursday 7 Dec
Christmas Service at Ingenia Gardens 2:30pm

Friday 8 Dec
Chapel service at MAGS 10am  
Assembly at DCS 10:30am
Bill Newton Nursing Home Carols Service 11am 
Holy Sporit Nursing Home Carosl Service 2:30pm 
MOB 7pm

Saturday 9 Dec
Carols Leafleting 9am

Sunday 10 Dec
Kids program at church@9,10,11

Thursday Update

This morning the team met at church building, finalised the program for the week, and critiqued 2 talks for Ingenia Gardens & MAGS chapel. We spent the rest of the morning preparing for Ingenia Gardens.
We visited Ingenia Gardens after lunch for carols, a bible talk from 1 Samuel 8 (on the type of King Israel wanted… a king who would take, take, take… and how Jesus is the king they and we need… a king who gives forgivness, a king who gives peace, a king who gives eternal life).

 Afterward we had great discussion with the residents about their plans for Christmas and what they think about Jesus.

After Ingenia Gardens they started preparing or running MOB on Friday night.

Ingenia Gardens

Holy Spirit Nursing Home

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